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Prices 2022


Service Price
Wash, Dry & Fold (per kilogram) £3.30
Iron Only (per kilogram) £5.35
Wash, Iron and Fold (per kilogram) £7.75
Shirts - Iron Only £2.10
Shirts - Wash & Iron £3.10
Shirts - Wash & Iron (x5 offer) £13.50
Single Duvet £19.90
Double Duvet £21.90
King Size Duvet £23.90
Bed Spreads £24.99
Sleeping Bag £21.99
Dust/Lab Coat Wash & Iron ££3.35
Pillow Wash £8.25
Blanket Wash £10.50

Dry Cleaning

Service Price
2 Piece Suit £15.95
3 Piece Suit £20.50
Jacket £12.50
Trousers £8.90
Skirt £9.50
Knitwear £8.50
Dress Shirt £11
Tie £5.50
Scarf £6.95
Coat Long £19.50
Coat Short £16.50
Short Dress £13.50
Long Dress £22.50
Evening Dress £28.50
Curtains Per Metre Square £7.20
Pashmina £8.95
Shirt £3.95
Jump Suit £18.50
Blouse £8.95
Linen Jacket £14.75
Linen Trousers £9.95
Silk Items £2.50 Extra


Service Price
Shorten Trousers Or Skirt £15.95
Take In/Let Out £21.95
Taper Legs £20.90
Shorten Sleeves £24.90
Re-hem £9.50
Anorak Zip £29.99
Zip Replacement - Metal £14.99
Zip Replacement - Fabric £13.99
Darns £15.90
Curtain Shortening - Hand Finish - Per metre £15.90
Curtain Shortening - Machine Finish - Per metre £13.90

Horse Blankets & Pet Bedding

Service Price
Horse Blanket/Rug Wash Only (Any Size) £13.95
x2 Horse Blanket/Rug Wash Only (Any Size) £23.95
Horse Blanket/Rug Wash & Re-Proof (Any Size) £21.95
x2 Horse Blanket/Rug Wash & Re-Proof (Any Size) £36.95
Dog Beds (Any Size) £11.90
Dog Blankets (Any Size) £8.90

Laundry & Ironing Prices

All prices shown are VAT inclusive. If the service you are looking for isn’t listed above, we may still be able to help, please call or email us with details.

When placing an order with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. These can be viewed at all times on our website Terms & Conditions page.

Commercial Trade Services

WashXpress can also offer laundry services to both large and small businesses at very competitive rates. Please contact WashXpress with your laundry requirements for a free no obligation quotation. As a small business we are able to offer the flexibility that larger businesses cannot compete with.

We can accept payments at your door, by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card. For added convenience we can accept payments by card over the telephone. Alternatively you can pay by BACS on or after delivery. Laundry and ironing service from WashXpress accepts payment using VISA, Mastercard and Maestro

*Orders under £20 may be subject to a delivery charge of £3.95.

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